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Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The syringe slides in between the thumb and index finger. Then, with a click, a microchip is injected in the employee's hand. Another "cyborg" is created.

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Federal Researchers Build Massive Online Database of Genomic Data

A new online portal would let scientists access vast amounts of genomic data from patients involved in heart, lung, blood and sleep research studies.

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Fingerprints to be tested as ‘currency’

Starting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints.

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Why Zika May Be As Tough to Beat as Ebola

Taraneh Shirazian, obstetrician and gynecologist at New York University Langone medical center has been seeing some very worried women — those with pregnancies who have traveled through Latin America

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Feds can't say whereabouts of those whose visas were revoked over terror threat

The Obama administration cannot be sure of the whereabouts of thousands of foreigners in the U.S.

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The War against ISIS: a Spiritual Battle

"Iraqi air forces have bombed the convoy of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while he was headed to Karabla to attend a meeting with Daesh [ISIS] commanders," the Iraqi military announced last week

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Scientists claim they can change your belief on immigrants and God – with MAGNETS

ATTITUDES towards God and immigrants can be changed by beaming magnetic waves into the brain, scientists have claimed.

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Disaster plan developed in case fire reaches nuclear waste

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Beneath the surface of a St.

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New ISIS video purports to show child cutting off a prisoner’s head

SIS has hit a new low of depravity with the Friday release of a video showing a boy sawing off the head of a Syrian soldier with a small knife.

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Twitter trend 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' has teens trying to summon demon

The latest topic to create some commotion on Twitter has teens trying to summon a demon named Charlie. is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
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