Turkish military on war preparedness after Syrian Scud Ds moved to border

War tensions around Syria rose alarmingly Thursday night, Dec. 15, when Turkey's top military council convened "to review the armed forces' preparedness for war" in response to the deployment of Syrian missiles, some tipped with chemical warheads, on their common border. debkafile's military sources report the meeting was led by Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

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mrhenry's analysis:
As one war ends, another is about to begin. Assad is a cornered beast whose time is running out. He has enemies both outside the walls and inside, moving ever closer to confrontation. If he lashes out at Israel with chemical/biological weapons, as he said he would, we might just see an Israeli response that fulfills Isaiah 17:1-14.

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We must keep on watching the middle east, will not be long now.

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Syria has always been

a nation to watch. I have always wondered what will cause Damasus to be "utterly destroyed". I think it sad that the American forces are leaving Iraq, only to see something of this magnitude rise from the area as well. Having served in Iraq, I understand all too well the culture and the people of this land. I fear for what will happen once we remove ourselves from the country. While in Iraq, we had various locals working with us on our base, trying to earn money to provide for their future. Many times we would wonder why they had stopped coming to work, only to find out they had been murdered by forces hostile to Iraq. Many times this was from their own countrymen, bent on staying with the Hussein way of thinking.

I truly believe the chemical weapons from Iraq were wisked off to Syria prior to our arrival. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this nutcase launch them as a last ditch effort to fight what he thinks is his rightful fight..

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I think this is gonna be a

I think this is gonna be a mighty tough december, not like "the ones we used to know"....at all.
No more from here on in.
Lord have Mercy, Thy Will be Done, and Your Light may shine upon your people.

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Assad is clearly preparing for battle.

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Damascus a marker in time also...?

Possibly both marking the beginning and the end of the "Age of Grace"...

The "scales coming off" sovereignly as a nation soon..? ...Rom 16:25-27

Romans - Doctrine - Instruction
Corinthians - Reproof - Evidence
Galatians - Correction - Rectification
Ephesians - Rightness - Maturity Process ....... 2Tim 3:15-16

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God help

us as we perservere through these times ahead!

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