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Signs in the Heavens
Air & Space Large Fireball Sighted Over East Coast

Multiple reports of a fireball in the sky seem to confirm a passing meteor near the North Jersey-New York City area, reports Fox 29.

Signs in the Heavens
Scientists Discover Giant Holes in the Sun

A Japanese spacecraft has spotted two huge holes in the sun -- gateways for solar material and gas to spill out into space.

Signs in the Heavens
New Zodiac Sign: Astrology Makeover or Misinformation?

This story about our signs changing, as well as the "discovery" of a 13th sign Ophiuchus, is nothing new; it surfaces every few years and is recycled by the media.

Signs in the Heavens
Easter Sunday asteroid on path toward Earth

Forget about President Obama's State of the Union Address, writes Ray Villard, news director for the Hubble Space Telescope, America's real "Sputnik moment" should be attempting to deflect an asteroid

Signs in the Heavens
Strange Light over Dome of the Rock & Temple Mount


Signs in the Heavens
Alien life deemed impossible by analysis of 500 planets

There is no hope of finding alien life in space because conditions on all other planets are too hostile, a leading astronomer has claimed.

Signs in the Heavens
Second Sun on its way

The Earth could find itself with a 'second sun' for a period of weeks later this year when one of the night sky's most luminous stars explodes, scientists have claimed.

Signs in the Heavens
Hubble telescope zeroes in on green blob in space

The Hubble Space Telescope got its first peek at a mysterious giant green blob in outer space and found that it's strangely alive.

Signs in the Heavens
Hole Punch Cloud

Note from submitter: This is another example of these cloud formations.

Signs in the Heavens
Solstice-eclipse overlap first in 456 years

OTTAWA This year's winter solstice an event that will occur next Tuesday will coincide with a full lunar eclipse in a union that hasn't been seen in 456 years. is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
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