School District’s Ten Commandments Monument Stirs Controversy

NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) — Officials with the Valley School District in New Kensington are bracing for a legal battle with an atheist group that’s threatening a lawsuit if a Ten Commandments monument is not removed from school property.

For years the monument has been a fixture outside of Valley High School without any complaints or controversy.

But now, the district is coming under fire to remove it or face a possible lawsuit.

The Valley School District recently received a letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation claiming the Ten Commandments monument violates the principles of separation of church and state by being on high school property.

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Go ahead

I say, go ahead and sue! maybe, just maybe there will be a Brother behind the bench........ :)

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When the atheists succeed at

When the atheists succeed at seperating church and state, and christianity is no longer on public display, who will they cry out to in times of trouble? Lord knows a tree, or the nature surrouding them will save them or hear them cry out. It is a shame to reject their only true salvation, it brings the fear of judgmenr into a harsh reality.

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they will flee unto the mountains and cry for the mountains to fall on them to cover them from the day of the Lord's wrath. They will attempt to hide from Him but on that day there will be no place to hide.

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The increasing paganization

The increasing paganization of America .. tries to ignore & re-interpret the full text ..
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