Radiation storm headed towards Earth

A solar radiation storm is in progress around Earth. At the moment, the storm is classified as minor, which means it has little effect on our planet other than to disturb HF radio transmissions at high latitudes. Bigger effects, however, may be in the offing. The same explosion on Nov. 26th that caused the radiation storm also hurled a CME into space at about 930 km/s (2 million mph). According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will reach Earth on Nov. 28th at 17:21 UT (+/- 7 hours). Click to view an animated forecast track:

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Another warning in the sky?

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Whats natural is natural, you cannot count these sort of things as signs, you may as well as say its a sign if it rains.

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I have to disagree; the Lord

I have to disagree; the Lord knows in advance what our weather will be; when it is foretold in the Scriptures that we will see an increase in earthquakes and signs in the heavens, what humans attribute to "natural weather" could very well also be what the Lord is referring to in His Word what we call "signs".

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radiation storm

I agree daygo5, some posters here pay way to much attention to naturally occuring events, the sun has been around since creation and has had cmes and storms from the begining, we just have the means to track them now. I am not faulting their enthusiasm, it's nice but, every space rock or auroa is not ' the sky is falling" you want "signs" watch israel........

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radiation storm

Something I don't think some posters are considering here daygo5, The anti Christ will be able to control individuals buying and selling Electronically " No man will be able to buy or sell save him who has the mark" IF a major CME or solar storm wiped out the "Grid" in the United States or World wide, how would he accomplish this?.. The Rapture is a signless event, NO man knows the day or hour, BUT when it Happens, THE WORLD will know SOMETHING happened, and that might be one of the ways he comes to power "Explaning" where people went.. If a cme wipes out the ability to communicate , how will the world know there was a "rapture"? I DO think a limited CME could /might /will happen during the tribulation, but i think not before nor on the scale some pople are projecting... just my 2 cents....

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natural but...

It rained on Noah :-)

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agreed DR

agreed DR

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UN-Natural weather events in the Bible

Dont forget what the Prophet Elijah was able to do with the weather..was that a natural event as well just because most people except for Ahab didnt hear beforehand of his prophecy?How about Moses?How about Joshua? God also caused the ground to open up and swallow people in the rebellion of Korah,but my guess is that many attributed it to a freak earthquake,(AKA natural event) People can explain away any and all phenomenons and rationalize how they just happen randomly,but I know the maker of Heaven and Earth and even if he's not behind ALL strange weather occourances,how do YOU know which ones he's not behind?

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Providence a superintending


a superintending and forecasting care. The providence of God upholds and governs every created thing. Its operation is coextensive with the universe, and as unceasing as the flow of time. All his attributes are engaged in it. He provideth for the raven his food, and satisfieth the desire of every living thing. The Bible shows us all nature looking up to him and depending upon him, Job 38:41; Psalm 104:1-35; 145:15,16; 147:8-9; and uniformly declares that every occurrence, as well as every being, is perfectly controlled by him. There is no such thing as chance in the universe; "the lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord," Proverbs 16:23. Not a sparrow, nor a hair of the head, falls to the ground without his knowledge, Isaiah 14:26-27; Matthew 10:29-30; Acts 17:24 29. Nothing that was not too minute for God to create, is too minute for him to preserve and control. The history of each man, the rise and fall of nations, and the progress of the church of Christ, reveal at every step the hand of Him who "worketh all things after the counsel of his own will."

God has His Mighty Hand in all of His Creation. From the most colossal celestial bodies, to the tiniest particle.
His mighty power sustains it all!

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