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Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark End of Constitution

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia doesn’t merely mark a tragedy for Constitutional philosophy – it may mark the death of American Constitutionalism as a whole.

Europe becomes more Muslim in crisis in Middle East : Gomer and all its troops; the house of Togarmah from the far north and all its troops—many people are with you.

Graphic scenes out of Hungary today show thousands of migrants pushing and shoving their way into a train station, yelling and chanting “No camp!

Jade Helm Secrecy Rachets as Media Barred

The controversies and suspicions surrounding Jade Helm 15, a Special Operations training mission set to kick off in select residential communities in seven states in the coming days, have just ratchet

Farrakhan: I Don’t Get Debate Over Confederate Flag, ‘We Need to Put the American Flag Down’

Louis Farrakhan stated “We need to put the American flag down.

Obama is 'waging war on America'

Schlafly: Obama is 'waging war on America'
Conservative icon says immigrants and refugees are the foot soldiers

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a prospective Republican presidential contender, said Saturday he does not know whether President Obama is a Christian.

United Nation's "International Criminal Court" Now Targeting US Troops for Prosecution

The United Nations’ self-styled “International Criminal Court,” a would-be global judicial branch widely ridiculed as a kangaroo court because it doesn't adhere to Western judicial standards, is exami

Franklin Graham: Obama doesn't understand Islam

'Followers of a peaceful religion do not cut off the heads of innocent people'

Prejudice is Prejudice: Biden Says Gay Rights Trump Culture

Seeking to mobilize a global front against anti-gay violence and discrimination, Vice President Joe Biden declared Tuesday that protecting gay rights is a defining mark of a civilized nation and must

America “Going Out of Business” coming economic collapse

Article reads "If you think of the United States of America as a store, its recent decisions and scandals resemble a sale, perhaps a fire sale. Or maybe even a “Going Out of Business” sale.

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