Israeli police storm Temple Mount

Israeli security forces stormed Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Friday after Muslims there began hurling stones at Jews praying at the Western Wall below.
Non-lethal crowd control methods were used to disperse the dozens of Muslim rioters, and three young Arabs were arrested for taking a leading role in the violence.
No Jews were injured by the dozens of stones that were thrown down from the top of the Temple Mount.

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Aimee's analysis:
This could lead to something...

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Nice find Aimee. I agree

Nice find Aimee. I agree this could be a spark.

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The RAP meter is on 1!

Woo Hoo!

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I just saw that when I read your comment then looked up and sure enough!! That is a beautiful sight. My heart is racing just now. I wonder how much more time we have?

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Whoa!!!!! My heart started pounding also as I saw this longed-for sight. I'm watching the news!

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I've been watching the meter for over a year and its great to see it in the red. Although it works by calculating our votes - its a case where there's more news that warrants a vote of 5 than in the past. We are living in amazing times.

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Gods hand of protection

was the reason no Jewish worshippers were harmed when the rocks were thrown by the Muslim attackers. This is just a taste of how He will protect those who are His. These Jewish worshippers might not truly understand "who" or "why" they were saved from harm...but they need only look up! Their Saviour is waiting for them to come to Him and accept Him as the king of Kings and Lord of Lords! This is truly a pivotal event!!!!! Thanks so much for all of the postings!

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Western Wall

When it comes to the Western Wall, they don't play over there. That area is SACRED! is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
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