Israel, Saudi Arabia Ally for Attack on Iran

In one of the most unusual alliances in recent memory, Israel is allying with Saudi Arabia to prepare the way for a military strike against Iran. Without American tactical support, Israel would need Saudi aid.

According to the Sunday Times in England, Saudi Arabia has consented to Israel using its airspace for an attack on Iran and also the use of its rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones.

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If this plays out to be true, i'm wondering who's eschatology this scenerio fits into, and what bible passages, (in context) they would have to support their views!?!?......Anyone?

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Atteck on Iran

If an attack is to occur it may happen next year 4/15/14 tetrad meaning a blood moon or on 10/8/14 will be also a blood moon passover and sukkot they said that Israel always get into trouble during/after a blood moon or could Israel attacking Iran triggle the prophecy war of Psalm 83 and before during after, the Rapture could occurred who knows, but i know our Father knows, keep the faith. is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
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