Gregoire signs same-sex marriage bill in Washington State

An emotional Gov Chris Gregoire signed legislation Monday making Washington the seventh state to legalize marriage between same-sex couples, declaring it was time "to make history in this great state."

Gregoire's voice broke as she descrbed conversations with her two daughters, who told her that marriage equality was "the civil rights issue of their generation . . . Thank you to that younger generation and my two daughters."

The governor presided at a ceremony in Olympia, joined by legislative leaders and the longtime same-sex partners of such lawmakers as Sen. Ed Murray and Reps. Jamie Pedersen and Laurie Jinkins.

The law goes into effect on June 7, unless opponents succeed in gathering 120,577 valid voter signatures to force a referendum in November which is highly likely. If so, marriage equality would be held up pending a decision by Washington voters.

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Shama-Shamar-Kaiya's analysis:
The Govenor of Washington State has taken personal responsibility championing this piece of legislation ... Interesting that she claims to be a Catholic but is using her position in the rapid paganization of the State legal system. Note that the Catholic and other denominations that are no longer following the scripture continue to stagger blindly into pagan nimrodic worth ship and their rewards / judgements.

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What a tangled web is weaved ...

Psa 2:1...Why do the heathen (swarm) rage, and the people (pagan community) imagine a vain thing?...The kings of the earth take their places; the rulers take counsel together against the LORD YHVH and His Annointed One (the Messiah the CHRIST)...Kiss the Son (pay homage to Him in purity), lest He be angry and you perish in the way (of vain knowledge). For soon shall His wrath be kindled...

Isa 3:11-12 … Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with them, for what their hands have done shall be done to them … As for My people, Hb#5953 alal / defilers are their oppressors, and Hb#802 ishshah / adulterators rule over them. O My people, your leaders cause you to err, and they confuse, destroy and swallow up the course of your paths … The LORD YHVH stands up to contend, and stands to judge the peoples & His people …

...because they have rejected and cast away the precepts and the teaching of the LORD YHVH of Hosts and have not believed but have treated scornfully and have despised the Word of Holy One of Israel...

bud - Self deception ... consuming - user
flower - Deception for $ale ... marketing - dealer
fruit - Corporate caliphate forced gang deception ... branding / production - cartel

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We are so headed for God's judgement

The speed at which our country spirals into moral decay is mind boggling.

1 Timothy 4:1
2 Timothy 3:1-5

I look forward to:

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