Feeding the homeless banned in major cities all over america

Major cities are now banning feeding the homeless. The reasons are that they are concerned about the quality of food and the homeless congregating in city centers. This comes at a time where homeless shelters are having to turn people away because there is no room.

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This shows me how far America has fallen. It was predicted in the bible that the love for one another would wax cold, in this case this prophecy rings true.

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schools want to feed our kids "pink slime" that have nitrates mixed in it and who knows what else??????!!!!! The world is so backwards today, evil is called good and good is called evil. People have lost their ever loving hearts, minds and souls! YES...come LORD Jesus! We wanna come home YESTERDAY! Let's ROLL! Praise JESUS!!!!!!!!! Any day now ya all! Keep looking up! BTW...there were LOTS of "contrails" in the Tucson Arizona skies today. They were going back and forth in the sky. When it hailed/sleet the other day there was a white mixture that mixed with the melted hail. I have seen this before and when it dries it crystallizes. What is going on and what is actually being sprayed in our atmosphere? Something evil this way comes. Are they trying to poison us? Just wondering. Any thoughts?

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Lyndy, I read somewhere that

Lyndy, I read somewhere that jet fuel now has an added chemical cooling agent to combat global warming. Even if it's not true, it would not surprise me in the least. But hey, I'm sure the FDA says it's healthy.

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these planes were going back and fourth. They would stop the spraying then turn around and resume this activity going the other way. There are more trails covering the sun today. They seem to keep the sun covered up for some reason. I don't know. It just all seems so strange to me. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am curious as to what this all means. I don't trust what is going on in the world today. There are things going on behind the curtain that us "little" people don't know about. I just need to keep trusting GOD an know that HE will step in soon to take care of what evil is taking over this world. Ya know? : ) I wish we had more answers and the truth of what's up!

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