Federal Panel on Religious Freedom at Risk of Losing Funding at Hands of Dems

Staff at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom have been told to start winding down operations.

Chairman Leonard Leo says the commission will have to “close the offices at the end of the day on the 16th (of December).”

That’s if Congress does not approve $4 million in annual funding for the independent bipartisan commission, as well as re-authorize its mission, which is to advocate for persecuted religious minorities around the world and advise the U.S. government on related policy positions.

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fullquiverdad's analysis:
If they lose there funding, watch and see, it will be more than just religious minorities around the world who will be facing greater persecution without the US to help them...it will be Christians facing greater persecution with no one there to challenge or question their persecutors. And it won't be limited to outside the United States...it'll be happening right here in the US. We are slowly but surely losing our freedoms, this will be just one more step towards the loss of our religious freedoms. We need to earnestly pray that Congress votes in favor of continuing the funding for USCIRF.

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The news on the potential for

The news on the potential for persecution right here in the US is coming fast and furious!

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