Door Opened To Force Gay Marriage On Churches

With little fanfare, and almost no debate in the House of Commons, the English government recently passed a law allowing same-sex couples to hold “civil partnership” ceremonies on religious premises.

In America, at least according to Administrative Law Judge Solomon Metzger, a New Jersey religious group recently violated a similar law.

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sweetshrub151's analysis:
The same thing is happening in the US. I didn't know about this law.

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Lukewarm judgement?

I watched a sermon by Paul Washer saying this type of legislation is God's wrath upon a lukewarm, worldly Church. In the West many people look at this a sign of "progress", while the Christian community stands by baffled. Now is the time to repent and stand for the Bible and nothing but the Bible. When mainline Protestant churches turned from scripture to liberal theology they reaped the results. I pray this will not be the case here in the States for our local assemblies.

If you resist the Devil, he will flee from you.

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TOO late for TOO many

There are too many churches that have already folded to compromise and once you start down that road there is no end until destruction. The preacher quit preaching on purity and then marriage and then re-marriage until they are faced with this.
You are right we must stand up for truth no mater the cost.

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The problem with being a

The problem with being a 501C3 Church in America, you are unequally yoking yourself with the government and in doing such allows them to dictate what you do in your church.

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I am having a hard time understanding the connection between your post and the subject under discussion.
Did I miss something?

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Ohh!!! Very sad! But it


Very sad!

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