Churches Open Doors to Muslim Worship

They see it as their Christian duty. But others disagree, saying it extends the hand of fellowship where it was never intended to go.

Two Protestant churches are taking some heat from critics for opening their church buildings to Muslims needing places to worship because their own facilities were either too small, or under construction.

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Danamarie71's analysis:
Another step toward a global religion

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A similar article was posted

A similar article was posted a couple of weeks ago on the rise of "Chrislam" IMHO this whole concept shows a complete ignorance about Islam and its goals for a Caliphate. Obviously they do not know that Islam is TOTALLY intolerant of all infidels -- you either submit or die. I live near this Heartsong church and knew nothing about this until reading this article. It is worth noting that just a couple of blocks from this church, a Mosque was given permission to build without going through any of the permit requirements, hearings or reviews. All the neighbors are furious but were told by the county to essentially "pound sand"

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Sigh. It seems we are being slowly or actually rather quickly indoctrinated to a one world religion.

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The church house of God - which is usually paid for by the holy tithe - is meant to stand up for the only light in
the world : Jesus Christ . It was never designed to be a DUPLEX ! ! The church house has fallen . Welcome them to worship Jesus or as a passive visitor but do not offer them a welcoming mat
for their prayers to Allah !

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