Campus Crusade For Christ Removes ‘Christ’ From Its Name

The artist agency formerly known as ‘Campus Crusade for Christ’ is making a new name for itself. And they’re counting on X-ians across the land to embrace Orwellian newspeak on behalf of their deity formerly known as ‘God’.

No doubt the governing body of our emerging new world order appreciates [Campus Crusade For Christ's] significant contribution to the reduction of ‘unnecessary’ words that conjure up ‘distasteful images of intolerance‘ and complicate the English language.

Campus Crusade For Christ Changing Its Name To ‘Cru’

(OrlandoSentinel) After 60 years, officials announced Tuesday night that the international evangelical ministry is changing its name — to “Cru.”

“This is the right time to embrace a new name, and … this name meets our objective of achieving a greater level of effectiveness in ministry,” said Steve Douglass, the organization’s president. “This decision has been saturated with prayer. We only want what God wants for us… We believe this new name will position us to connect better with the next generation.”

Chosen from 1,600 suggestions, the name already has been used on a majority of the group’s U.S. campus ministries since the mid-1990s. Though some followers worried in online forums the name might be confused with a rowing club, the organization said change was due.

“Has the old name hurt the organization? We do believe so,” said Steve Sellers, vice president of the expansive Orlando-based organization. “The name alienation among the general population was significant.”

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hosscartwright's analysis:
Oh boy, Mark 8:38 comes into play here: "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels."

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From the article:

"While those connotations may be sketchy for some, the word still carries a sense of zealotry and fanaticism that's distasteful, said Sister Ann Kendrick, a Catholic nun who helps run the Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka. "It comes across as, 'We've got the truth and you don't.' It's too bad religion can't be a little more like the 12-step movement — where it's about attraction, not promotion. People become involved because they want what you've got.""

We do have the truth, while others don't. We are in a spiritual war and are to be good soldiers of Christ.

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Somethings just take your breath away and this is one of them. How does someone come to know Christ if you won't be identified with Him?

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Christless Cru

Cru .....cruising for lukewarmness
Cru.......crusading for high levels of political correctness.

CHRIST first......CHRIST only.......CHRIST last.

It is CHRIST or nothing !

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Many will be offended on Judgement Day

The leadership of CCC needs to realize that while they look towards a new name that seeks to reduce " ‘unnecessary’ words that conjure up ‘distasteful images of intolerance‘ " thereby being less offensive that when they stand before Christ's judgement seat He isn't going to care about intolerance or being offensive. There are going to many of souls offended on judgement day.

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How sad

This organization has saved hundreds if not thousands of college students. I have several friends who were or are part of this organization. To take Christ out of their name is just another step in the process of minimizing the importance of Christ. Intolerance? Are they afraid of persecution? Christ said we would be persecuted. Its time to stand up for Christ and proudly proclaim His name. Its not time to be Peter and deny Him. The end is coming quickly - this is just another notch on the wall towards our ultimate destination - to be caught up in the clouds with Christ.

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You are right Todtomlinson,

we have an orginzation in the KC metro area called Youth for Christ. It is in Westwood, Kansas (just south of KCKS and east of Prairie Village, KS). Hopefully they won't follow such garbage....

All we can do is continue to pray for America!

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Not feeling too gracious!

Cru???? What the heck is that? It doesn't make sense. Maybe I will be proven wrong, but I don't see too many people being drawn to a name like that. It's just dumb! And I'm sick to death of Christians being pc cowards!! Taking Christ out of the title in the name of tolerance is an indication that this organization is being taken over by a spirit of deception. My heart is sick. Over the years thousands of students have come to Christ because of CCC. The title was never a problem. I, myself, remember being excited to learn that there was a CCC where I went to college. As a Christian, anytime I see Christ's name ( used reverently, of course), I can feel a quickening of His Spirit in me. It is the name above all others and some day when He returns, it will be glorified in all the earth. Until then...Lord help me to be patient! is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
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