Bring Out Your Dead - UBS Quantifies Costs Of Euro Break Up, Warns Of Collapse Of Banking System And Civil War

Any time a major bank releases a report saying a given course of action is too costly, too prohibitive, too blonde, or simply too impossible, it is nearly guaranteed that that is precisely the course of action about to be undertaken. Which is why all non-euro skeptics are advised to shield their eyes and look away from the just released report by UBS (of surging 3 Month USD Libor rate fame) titled "Euro Break Up - The Consequences." UBS conveniently sets up the straw man as follows: "Under the current structure and with the current membership, the Euro does not work. Either the current structure will have to change, or the current membership will have to change."

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lost_and_found's analysis:
"Either the current structure will have to change, or the current membership will have to change." In other words they are calling for a universal currency and one world government, or else we'll have civil war. Setting the stage for Anti-christ.

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I am giddy with the pace of changes

I cannot get over how fast this setup is happening. The Arab spring just destabilized every major Israel and US supporter in the middle-east and we helped. True they were evil but now they are ripe for the PROPHET of the BEAST, who is worse, and of course he will begin with peace. But whoa where is new Rome? Behold the unification of Europe Union, the giving of crowns to THE BEAST (EU is sybolozed gayly as the whore on the beast in their own parliment!). Just wow. I would of never thought these scenarios could pop up one after another so rapidly. It is a prophetic miracle for those who have the eyes to see even unto itself. It is very hard for me to focus on my work this month of all months. If I am still here in October I can focus for another year but I am useless for the next month.

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Me too.

I am also giddy with excitement. If you haven't already, watch
I watched it yesterday, and I think we may all meet each other soon. I think that we, as Americans, tend to ignore and/or minimize God's relationship with Israel, Jerusalem, in particular. He WILL NOT allow anyone to harm it without major repercussions. Period. is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
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