Big earthquake hits Mexico, no major damage reported

A major earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, unleashing panic as it damaged hundreds of buildings and caused homes in the capital to bounce like "trampolines".

Office workers fled into the street when the 7.4-magnitude quake shook Mexico City for more than a minute. Cell phone lines went down, building were evacuated, traffic snarled and the stock exchange had to suspend trading early.

The governor of the southwestern state of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre, said he had received reports of 500 homes damaged, with some of them knocked down, but he gave no more details. The tremor was one of the strongest since the devastating 8.1-magnitude earthquake of 1985, which killed thousands in Mexico City.

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lost_and_found's analysis:
The president's daughter was supposedly vacationing in Oaxaca according to a story on the drudge report.

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I thought it was interesting that Obama's daughter was visiting when it happened. Just like when Panetta landed in Hawaii that same day was a tornado and hail. It seems that there is a connection. Obama is continuing to go against Israel, there is judgement coming.

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