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Bible Accounts Supported by Dead Sea Disaster Record?

New evidence suggests body once vanished, could again.

Richard A. Lovett in San Francisco

for National Geographic News

Published December 8, 2011

Sediment cores from the Dead Sea (map) reveal that the water body may once have completely dried up, researchers say. The discovery raises fears the sea could vanish again.

The same cores also show records of droughts and earthquakes that could be interpreted as supporting accounts in the Bible.

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The salty sea—actually a lake—whose surface now lies more than 1,380 feet (420 meters) below sea level, is not only the lowest nonmarine place on Earth but also the catch basin for water flowing from much of Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

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Cool! But I'm sure they will

Cool! But I'm sure they will find some secular way of explaining this away without giving credit to the Bible.

lost_and_found's picture
ModeratorRap-Con Supporter1000+ posts
Joined: 05/05/2011
Posts: 1623

Incidentally has anyone else

Incidentally has anyone else noticed the more they try to denounce Biblical accounts the more evidence they turn up proving it.

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The Great Rift Fault...

The dead sea and the Galilee are both on the north end of the same fault line as in the "Great Rift Valley" that rips through Africa ...Author Ron Charles who wrote the book: The Search concerning the recorded history of Jesus and a great read by the way...has uncovered the record of the "tempests" that were so feared on the Galilee as gas emmision events from the rift that made it impossible for any ship to float during the bubbling. Lots of other interesting factual history too...that makes both the miracles and parables come alive !!!


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