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NASA Video Captures What Looks Like an Alien Spaceship

A camera on board NASA's STEREO A satellite seems to have captured video of an unknown object that looks like an actual spaceship.

The unknown object appeared when a Sun's coronal mass ejection (CME) reached planet Mercury. Watch the video and judge by yourself.

Make sure to run the video at full screen.
What is happening in the video?

The video shows a coronal mass ejection coming from the Sun and reaching the planet Mercury. Coronal mass ejections are massive explosions of solar wind, radiation and magnetic fields that go well beyond the solar corona, deep into space. They are so big that sometimes they reach Earth.

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MatthewJames's analysis:
This is clearly just some weird technological anomaly.

FightTheGoodFight's picture
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This article caught my eye in the moderation queue for two reasons:

One: We all know there's no such thing as aliens. In the Bible they are fallen angels, demonic entities. BUT the majority of the world does not know that. In fact, there are even some crazy theories that aliens (annunaki?) made man-kind, built the pyramids, ect.

TWO: I think our popular culture has been BRAINWASHED with propaganda about life beyond our solar-system to warm us up to the tribulation arrival of fallen angels. It's everywhere, it's been going on since the 50's. The propaganda has been so effective more some people believe these theories than the Word of God, exactly what Satan wants.I'm going to make this very clear what chance do people who reject the Gospel stand against super-powered fallen angels? It will be horrific. Our fight is against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in high places. Food for thought. God bless.

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I agree, FightTheGoodFight

I, too, do not believe in aliens. But those Nephilim were clearly in the world once. They are descendants of fallen angels. Isn't it like satan to deceive us in this way? Think about it - this alien / Egypt / Atlantis stuff is all over the History Channel, presented as fact-that we descended from ALIENS. The world is being primed for a great deception, surely.

Rap-Con Supporter500+ posts
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2nd Video

The second video includes Mars and it happens next to Mars too. So I'm going to go out on a limb and state that I believe i must have something to do with the optics of the cameras that's affected by the massive magnetic blast when it hits a planet. There are no aliens.

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Aigoooo (korean expression)

Aigoooo (korean expression)

People need to stop watching Star wars so much!!! they're getting paranoid....People have to do themselves a favor and turn off the sci-fi channel, for crying out loud.
all jokes aside, hopefully people will repent and see the Light.
I praise and thank the Almighty Lord, that we are able to see through the lies and see the Truth.
we know what aliens are. sheesh, if only people would listen....Lord have mercy,

FightTheGoodFight's picture
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Joined: 08/31/2011
Posts: 652

My point is there is a huge

My point is there is a huge number of people on Earth who don't know what aliens really are and will willingly submit to them. The fact that people are willing to accept demons on Earth rather than Jesus into their hearts is sad and terrifying. This should add to our urgency to spread the Gospel.

Imagine the slaughter when fallen angels step back onto Earth and take out their anger on unbelieving humans...

vondean's picture
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As believers we know what the true nature of these demonic beings are. Many times I have heard that when the rapture happens it will be explained away because aliens took us.

lost_and_found's picture
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Hey Vondean, thanks for

Hey Vondean, thanks for turning me on to http://www.Contendingfortruth.com/ a few weeks back. I have learned so much from his teachings and wanted to say thanks.

vondean's picture
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Joined: 08/23/2011
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you are welcome

I am glad you are reading this site. It has so much information on things that few people are aware of. I was hoping someone would check this site out. Thanks for letting me know. May God bless you today lost and found.

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