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Antichrist - Signs in the News

Antichrist News related to the son of perdition.

Latest Signs in the News
Paving the Way for One World Control?

Debased humanity's growing fascination with transforming the natural human appearance into the likeness of demonic entities is gaining traction through a movement known as "transhumanism," or the blen

Historic Iranian Nuclear Deal Reached

A deal has been reached with Iran and 6 world powers to curb it's nuclear capabilities.

Does the US Need a Nationwide Exorcism?

In light of the spiritual housecleaning in Mexico in May, clergy weigh the efficacy of exorcising an entire geographic area.

Nationwide 'exorcism' prompts warnings Bible 'clear,' says 'there is demonic side to experience of human existence'

For what is believed to be the first time ever in Mexico, an exorcism has been performed to chase demons from the entire nation.

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons?

Vatican City, Jun 16, 2015 / 03:09 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Can a country with deep Christian roots like Mexico find itself at the mercy of demons? Some in the Church fear so.

Evil Spirits against Christians, against America!

There are way too many Christians condemning other believers. Instead of acting out of love and humility, they are acting out in hatred and condemnation.

Forced "peace framework" is a consideration says UN Security Council Envoy

Apparently since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won re-election in Israel and he stated there would be "no Palestinian state on his watch", the UN is considering scraping Security Council Resol

US Omits Iran and Hezbollah off terror list.

I wouldn't have believed that we could ever get to this point but here is the story. This administration just threw Israel under the bus.

A Charismatic New World Leader Appears From Nowhere And Takes Control Of Greece

is name is Alexis Tsipras, and it seems that he meets much of the criteria of the prophesied Antichrist. He was just elected as the Prime Minister of Greece. He is an atheist and a far left winger.

Rick Warren’s Call for Christians to Unite With Catholics, ‘Holy Father’ Raising Concerns

In a new video, megachurch leader and author Rick Warren is calling for Christians to unite with Roman Catholics and “Pope Francis,” who Warren recently referred to as the “Holy Father”—a move that is

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