80 Year Old Priest Beaten in Rectory

CHICAGO (CBS) — It was a scene of sheer terror early Tuesday morning, two men accosted an 80-year-old Roman Catholic priest as he lay sleeping in his South Side rectory and brutally beat him.

As CBS 2?s Derrick Blakley reports, police say shortly before 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, the suspects broke into the rectory at St. Margaret of Scotland Church, at 9849 S. Throop St. in the Longwood Manor neighborhood, and found the Rev. Dan Mallette sleeping

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Sister of yours's analysis:
I found this on Drudge Report website. I was not sure if this would go under prophecy or some other heading. The times we are in are godless. There is no fear of God anymore or respect for those who serve Him. Just one more instance of the world's degeneration...

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The Catholic Church is

The Catholic Church is falsely assumed by many to be the "public face" of Christianity. How bold have those who hate the teachings of the Lord gotten? The world is just warming up to organized persecution... This is sickening to say the least.

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I suppose we can do nothing but pray for the Lord to convict the hearts of those who would act so heinously. I don't personally see the Catholic church as the representative of all Christiandom but I see an attack against any clergy or any christian a targeted act of violence and one we will likely see much more of.

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I guess, even though ..i

I guess, even though ..i don't think of the catholics as Christians, they still mention the name of Jesus, and so, the world is truly hating, ANYTHING that is, even remotely linked to the Light. even tho many don't have it.
is just the fact that they are reminded of the Light

Still, this some brutal action against an old man, those men should be punished.

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