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Lord Ra el nutball....have you heard of this guy?

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Lord Ra el nutball....have you heard of this guy?

•Matt 24:4-5 Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone Mislead you, for MANY will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah.’ They will DECEIVE MANY."


I ran across this guy a few nights ago, and man, I was honestly blown away. I have seen the fake preachers and false teachers, but this guy actually claims to be Christ himself, saying that he was a normal man who God chose to represent the spirit of Christ.

This nut is actually taking credit for the signs we have been seeing, using Twitter and social media.

The really scary part? Some are actually following him and calling themselves his disciples.

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And so it CONTIUES...

false Christs. I will not give this "person" a second thought. People will be led astray I am sure. People who do not read the Bible or put their faith in what is written there in and what it tells us will accept a lie especially if it consists of LYING WONDERS! The devil knows the Bible front to back. This is a deception from hell. Don't go there. Flee, people, FLEE! BTW....the UFO incident that descended to just above the Dome of the Rock, NOTHING GOOD could come from what that was. Whatever it was, Jesus would have destroyed that monstrous abomination in HIS CITY! Just sayin!

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I was honestly shocked and

I was honestly shocked and sickened that someone would go so far to deceive people, for what looks to be money. The fact that there are actually people falling for it is unbelievable to me. The light UFO in Israel, I have read several people saying that it is something called Project Bluebeam, which is suppthosedly a billion dollar experiment that the powers that be are going to use to trick people after the Rapture in order to make them believe that people were abducted. Crazy stuff.

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I was over focused

When I first was called to be a watchman, I was consumed with Matrieya. Creme and Share International bugged me for a long time. False christ's are still on my watch list, but now that there is so much information to process everyday, these dudes, are pretty low on the lists anymore. Important, but low.
We can focus on Syria, earthquakes, Palestine, Gaza, Solar flares, fish die offs, Iran, Mystery Babs, and not even touch the weird stuff like UFO's, Mary apparitions, Lord RayEl, or time traveling Nicolas Cage ;)

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and martin

you forgot about the Russian 'messiah'. Vissarion.... He has a fairly huge following apparently.
He even dresses the part (robes, flowing hair, beard, sandles, et al)
Soooooo strange and people flock to him.
But you're right. i believe we are being deluged with end times stuff at this point there is so much it's very difficult to focus in on even one thing. but JH77, yea, these guys all are the same- clearly either confused, crazy, possessed, or just plain greedy trying to make a fortune off of misfortunate and misled people or some combination of those things.
I dont believe we have seen the true antichrist though... not yet

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Took a look at the Vissarion

Took a look at the Vissarion site....man oh man. I didn't read far enough to see if he believes that he is Christ or what, but he is obviously trying to look the part. I don't believe that any of these guys are the Anti-Christ, as the Bible says he will be a powerful peacemaker from somewhere in the Middle East, and I can't see any self made Messiah being taken seriously by the masses.

I don't know, just something about people actually saying they are Christ returned, it makes me sick to my stomach to think people will follow these liars. It is one thing for a guy like Harold Camping to bilk people out of their life savings preaching that he knows the date of the Rapture....I think he was seriously misguided. But it is another evil entirely to say that you are the risen Christ.

Yeah, it is best for me to not look into these people anymore. I literally get sick.

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being a watchman

Being a watchman is not any easy task. We must continue to warn others as we see danger. I am aware of this type of teaching, but I hadn't heard of this guy before. Wow there is so much deception out there and I hadn't heard of some of the other things in the above postings. Praise God that there is a site like this for people to read so they can be aware. God bless

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