About Rap-Con

What is Rap-Con.com?
Rap-Con.com is a comprehensive resource for tracking global news and events related to the biblical promise of Jesus Christ's triumphant return to earth. Although it is true that no man knows the "day nor the hour" (Matthew 24:36) of the second coming, Jesus did give us specific signs to look for that would indicate His return was imminent. This site is dedicated to cataloging these types of events and tracking their total result on a Rapture Condition (Rap-Con) scale.

What is the Rap-Con scale and how does it work?
The inspiration for the Rap-Con scale is taken from the defense readiness condition (DEFCON) scale used by the United States Armed Forces. The Armed Forces uses DEFCON as a litmus test for armed conflict directly involving the United States. In military protocol, the standard peacetime setting is DEFCON 5, descending in increasingly severe situations. DEFCON 1 represents expectation of actual imminent attack, and is not known to have ever been declared. Just like the military's version of DEFCON, the Rap-Con scale is used as an indicator of Christ's return, with Rap-Con 1 estimating imminent rapture (and we cannot wait for this declaration to be made!).

How are the Rap-Con levels set?
The Rap-Con level is processed and updated hourly based on Rap-con members' interpretation of the Rapture-relevance of current world events to the "Signs of the End Times" given in Scripture.

How can I contribute?
Rap-Con.com is always looking for people to contribute news articles, opinions and theories, forum discussions and links to outside resources. While using the forums is free (coming soon), if you are interested in contributing, simply sign up or login.

You guys are totally wrong and know nothing about biblical prophecy!
Rap-Con.com is a community of people excited about the return of Jesus Christ and the related implications of current global events. We are not claiming to be have undergone explicit exegetical study of Scripture to arrive at any of the conclusions posted on the site. For the most part, the creators and contributors of Rap-Con.com are interested in pooling information related to the rapture and not making claims on dates, times, methods, etc. While we encourage the creation of opinion and theory articles, such information should be treated as speculative. Any opinions expressed through content submission, forum topics or posted comments do not necessarily reflect the views shared by the Rap-Con.com owners and creators.

So, are you guys pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib or something else?
Does it really matter? If our thinking is correct, the closer the Rap-Con scale comes to imminent return, we will all find out together!

I think this site is great, how can I support Rap-Con.com?
While Rap-Con.com does cost money to own and operate, the biggest thing you can do to support us is to become involved in the process. By contributing content, you can become a partner in affecting the overall condition of the Rap-Con scale! There is, however, cost associated with running and maintaining this site so if you are interesting in supporting us, please consider making a donation.

I disagree with something on the site, what can I do to make my voice heard?
Rap-Con.com is interested in all viewpoints, so make your voice be heard through posting comments, contributing discussions in the forum or applying for direct content contribution consideration. As long as your conduct towards others is respectful, your opinions and theories are welcome here. View our Terms of Service and Posting Guide.

Why do you post the news stories that you do?
Jesus told us in Matthew 24 what signs we should look for that would indicate his return is close. For a comprehensive overview of these signs, please see the Signs of the End Times page.

This site is a joke, right? There is no God!
This is a bold statement to make. Firstly, this statement assumes that you have absolute knowledge (you are making an absolute statement) and can conclusively rule out the possibility of there being a God. Since we know that this is not true, you can make a statement indicating that "the evidence at hand doesn't convince me that there is a God". This would be a fair statement and certainly opens up the avenues of discussion. May we suggest that you carefully review the "Evidence" page? Feel free to speak with other community members in the discussion forums.

Do you accept advertising on Rap-Con.com?
We do! Please Contact Us for more information.

Rap-Con.com is a community of people who post news articles end editorials concerning Bible prophecy.
All views and opinions expressed are those of the individual posting them and are not necessarily the views of Rap-Con.com or its operators.